What is Israel ?

Israel is...a way of life, faith and religion; it is the essence of dreams, desire and hope; it exudes a pioneering spirit;

it is war, peace and coexistence; it is the past and the present; it is spiritual; it is an experience.

Israel is a tiny country but monumental in scope. The more one visits, the more opportunity one has to discover its brilliant facets and wondrous layers.

Israel overflows with majestic expanse, exciting vistas and agricultural grandeur. It is filled with remnants of modern history and rare historical sights. It is teeming with many heritages that allow for a variety of human encounters-

passionate, interesting and rich.

Israel's scenery is a breathtaking kaleidoscope...from the startling green beauty of the Galilee to the arid starkness of the Negev; from the exquisite

snow-capped peak of Mount Hermon to the mineral-rich Dead Sea; from its mighty waterfalls to its lush, fertile plains.


Israel\'s dramatic historical sites already elicit a full spectrum of human emotion. As we chip away at the present, we discover a past that is even more meaningful. Even now, new archeological treasures are revealed that embellish the face of Israel\'s past. These revelations continually shed light on the extraordinary history of this ancient and astonishing land.

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