Trip Tip

Eating and drinking

Eating in restaurants in Israel is safe and not expensive; it is customary to leave 10%-15% tip.
When you buy fruits and vegetables in the marketplace just wash it and eat, it’s safe and delicious.
In Israel, the water in the hotels and at homes is safe to drink with the exception of the Dead Sea area.


When you take a taxi, always ask for receipt at the end of the ride, should you forgot something in the taxi; you will have the driver details.

Credit card
You can use credit cards everywhere in Israel. Try not to use credit card in the open Bazaar/Marketplace.

The Israeli currency is the Shekel. The best place to change money is in the many change offices in Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem/ Haifa. Try to avoid change money in the Airport because of the high commission/ service charge there.

Don’t hesitate to use A.T.M in Israel, the Hebrew instruction change automatic to English when it is a non-Israeli card. Usually the ATM don’t gives more than 400$ at once to non-Israeli card, if you need more, ask your Bank to open the limit of your withdrawal, and inform them that you travel to Israel.

Electricity in Israel is 220 volt; the wall socket is like the European sockets, 2 round holes. Don’t forget to bring converter from 220 v to 110 v or if you know that your electric device work also on 220 v (it’s written on the back sticker of the device) bring just a connector.