W.J. Kitchen, PhD VMI ’64 Group Leaders

Motti, you not only met but far exceeded our expectations.

We as a group have traveled to many parts of the world and seen numerous exciting sites, enjoyed marvelous cuisines, experienced various cultures and met many wonderful people. Our group, the Virginia Military Institute ’64 is made up of a core of college classmates, relatives, friends, friends of friends and various individual we have met on our travels. We usually plan our trip at least a year in advance by the group determining where we would like to go next. In the fall of 2015 we selected an Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Jordan and Israel for our group of 16. Upon completion of our outstanding tour of Jordan, we were met at the Jordan/Israel border by Motti Saar who was to be our guide for the next 15 days as we toured throughout Israel. We all agree that Motti was truly an outstanding tour director throughout our entire adventure. He was extremely knowledgeable, was an excellent communicator, had superb organizational skills and was passionate about his country. Each day was a unique and outstanding experience where all of us got immersed into the past, present and potential future aspects of living in Israel and the issues now facing that nation. His demeanor was always jovial and he presented thought-provoking discussions without prejudice although he was willing to present his personal feelings when asked. He was wonderful in tending to the needs of our group and made each of us feel special. He was truly a remarkable guide, a knowledgeable historian and a credit to his profession. We were so fortunate for our trip throughout Israel to have such a fantastic leader. Motti’s previous life experiences such as having severed as an officer in the Israeli military, tour bus driver, tour planner and tour director and he wonderful sense of humor made our trip even more memorable.