USTOA – Terry Dale

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being Written on behalf of Motti Saar. The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) had the distinct honor of working with Motti during our Out-of Country Board meeting to Israel in April 2013. We spent one week in his ever-Capable hands as our expert guide.

Motti is one of the few professionals who can actually deliver a life Changing experience to people who make a living Creating and fulfilling guided tours around the world. His extraordinary knowledge, wisdom and passion regarding Israel was Contagious. While we attempted to keep up with hirn, we were left with always wanting more. At the end of our amazing experience, we felt we had earned at minimum at Masters and in some cases a Doctorate in world events and the evolution of Israel. Few people have the ability to deliver and bring to life the kind of experience that Motti provided USTOA. We will be forever in his gratitude.

Through our experience with Motti, I am Confident in saying that he single handedly brought us to the realization that we must come back for more. We simply had a taste of Israel and now we have a full appetite for more.

If you or your organization has the opportunity to work with Motti, I can only say congratulations. You won’t be disappointed but rather your expectations will be far



Terry Dale

President & CEO

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